What Is A Tent Footprint?

A tent footprint is all about protecting your tent from moisture and extending the life of your tent overall. This is seen as an essential piece of gear that you should buy with your tent. In this article, we will be talking about what is a tent footprint and whether you need one.

What Is A Tent Footprint

A Tent Footprint

A tent footprint is a very simple piece of equipment that you might not think about, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. A tent footprint is a piece of material, which is seen as a groundsheet that sits between the tent and the ground. This piece of material can dramatically extend the life of your tent, as it has less contact with the ground. 

Tent footprints come in various sizes, but you’ll be able to find a footprint that matches the size of your tent. They even feature corner grommets, so you can secure the tent and footprint to the ground together. This also ensures that the footprint is exactly under your tent as well. 

You’ll find that tent footprints are relatively cheap and don’t weigh very much, so they are easy to carry around while you are camping. 

When Do You Need A Tent Footprint

You don’t always have to use a tent footprint, it does depend on where you are camping. However below are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a tent footprint for your next camping trip. 

Prolong The Life Of Your Tent

if you go camping a lot, you want to make sure that your tent will survive all the camping journeys you have in mind. Hence, a tent footprint should be included in that list of equipment to take with you alongside your tent. The footprint will make sure that your tent will last that little bit longer, so that your tent will last years. 

Alongside that, if you are camping on any kind of rough terrain such as rocky retrain or anywhere where there are branches. In those cases it’s a good idea to have a tent footprint handy, because then you have an extra layer against those sharp and pointy objects that could poke through your tent and into you. 

Tents are normally sewn together, so it can be easy for anything to poke through and to make a hole. Think of a tent footprint as a type of protector. We have screen protectors for our phones. Well this is just the tent verizon, so you can keep your tent in perfect condition for longer.

What Is A Tent Footprint


A tent footprint gives you another layer. Therefore, you aren’t sleeping directly onto the ground, there is another layer that is slightly raising you off the ground. Therefore, as you are slightly off the ground, you won’t lose as much heat to the ground. 

By having another layer, this then makes the ground a lot more comfortable to sleep on. If you sleep on an air bed or on top of a sleeping mat, you will barely feel any bumps in the ground with the extra layer of the footprint. Which then means you will have a much more enjoyable night’s sleep, while retaining a lot more heat, than you would do without a tent footprint. 


A tent footprint is all about protection, it not only protects your tent but it means that you don’t have to worry about what happens if you run into bad weather while camping. Everyone knows that when you go camping, there is a chance it could rain and your tent is the only thing that will keep your dry. However, you want your tent to survive the bad weather also.

Therefore by adding another layer to the ground, this equals another layer of protection for you and your tent against any water. No one wants to wake up to find that water has made its way into your tent, so with a tent footprint this can help distinguish that fear.

What Is A Tent Footprint


Most tent footprints come with grommets that help you when it comes to pitching your tent. The footprints are tailor made to the specific outline of your tent, therefore they should be a perfect fit for one another. So, when it comes to pitching everything is made a lot easier, as you can follow the tent footprint nowhere you need to peg your tent.

Packing Away

Sometimes when it’s time to pack everything away and you have experienced some bad or cold weather, your tent can be a bit wet or muddy. Therefore, you have a lot of cleaning to do.

Yet if you have a tent footprint, your tent shouldn’t be wet or muddy, it should be pretty much spotless, which then makes taking down the tent a lot easier and less hassle. Putting away a wet or muddy tent footprint is a lot easier than dealing with a tent that is wet and very muddy. 

How To Clean A Tent Footprint

Cleaning a tent footprint is a lot easier than cleaning a muddy tent. To clean a tent footprint, you just need a cloth and some water. By using a cloth and water, you should be able to easily clean any mud off your tent footprint.

If there is any tough mud that won’t easily fall off then you could use a bush, but you just need to be careful not to add too much pressure as you don’t want it to cause any holes in the tent footprint. 

When To Buy A Tent Footprint

If you want a tent footprint you should try and buy it at the same time as you buy your tent. This is because tent models come and go very quickly, as manufacturers are constantly tweaking things on their designs. Therefore, the longer you wait to buy your tent footprint after buying your tent starts to decrease. 

Remember you want a tent footprint that matches your tent exactly so then you can receive the full benefits of it. 


A tent footprint is something that anyone with a tent should have. It acts as a ground sheet that precisely matches your tent. It is another layer that sits between your tent and the ground. It provides you with waterproofing, warmth, protection and a more enjoyable camping experience. #

Now you know what a tent footprint is and whether you need one, and in our opinion, everyone should have a tent footprint.

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