How To Dry Shoes

There’s nothing worse than having wet shoes. 

There are so many scenarios that can lead to wet shoes. Most commonly, people get caught in a rainstorm, and it soaks their shoes. In other cases, you end up jumping in the sea with your shoes, and then you’re lost on how to recover them. Then, of course, it might be with great intentions — you may have decided that it was time to clean your shoes. 

Whatever the reason, you need to know how to effectively dry them. 

How To Dry Shoes

It’s not just about the horrible feeling of soggy, wet shoes. Having wet shoes can cause major problems. First of all, it can cause mildew. This is a form of fungus, which smells disguising. This will be much more difficult to rectify than just drying your shoes properly. Also, wearing soggy shoes and socks can really affect your feet. The rubbing can cause blisters, which can be very painful. In other circumstances, having soaking shoes can completely ruin them. It doesn’t matter if they cost $400, if you don’t look after them, it’s money down the drain. 

However, we are here to reveal to you the best methods to dry your shoes. These are a couple of different methods, and then an obvious method — which you should ideally avoid. So, with that said, let’s discover the best ways to dry your shoes! 

The Dryer – Avoid If Possible 

So, you remember we said there’s an obvious method, that you should try to avoid? Yeah, that’s using the dryer. 

It’s a fair assumption, the dryer transforms your soggy clothes into dry, bundles of paradise — why can’t it do the same for your shoes? 

Well, shoes are a bit more complex, and there are a lot of different materials used to make shoes. When a dryer is used, the machine will undergo a process of tumbling along with heat. The mixture of tumbling and heat can affect the glue that holds the shoe together. If this tears, then it could be the end of your shoes. Also, it could cause your shoes to shrink — which would be very confusing, and frustrating after a long day. 

If you need to try this method, for whatever reason, then you have to put the dryer on the lowest heat. If you can, put the shoes in a pillowcase. This is because the shoes alone will make a ton of noise, plus — it’s likely to cause less damage to the shoe. 

How To Dry Shoes

The Newspaper Method 

This is one of the oldest methods of drying shoes, and it’s one of the most effective ways to dry shoes, too. 

Follow This Method: 

  1. Ensure your shoes are clean. If they’re covered in mud, now is not the time to dry them — a little mild detergent or some classic soap will do the job. Wash it all with a brush, and you’ll be golden. 
  1. Now remove the insoles. These can be air dried, and it will help the rest of the shoe dry faster. 
  1. Next, remove the lases, or drastically loosen them. You want the shoe to breathe as much as possible — the more air that can get in, the better. 
  1. Time To Stuff! Get the newspaper and stuff it all the way into the shoe. Make sure everything is covered, toe to heel. 
  1. After that, wrap the shoe into a towel. You want the towel to absorb the excess water in the outer area of the shoes. 
  1. Pop in a dry area, and avoid direct sunlight. Aim for a place that is well-ventilated. Placing them by a fan, or a vent, is a good idea. 
  1. Leave for 12 hours. If after 12 hours they are not dry, replace the newspaper and wait another 12 hours. Eventually, they will be dried. 

This is a great method, and easy to do. It doesn’t involve anything fancy, and it gives the newspaper a new lease of life. Nifty! 

How To Dry Shoes

Drying Shoes With A Fan 

The second method of drying shoes is by using a fan. It’s slightly quicker, as the shoes will dry within a couple of hours. 

  1. Ensure the shoes are lean. Remove any dirt before the process begins. 
  1. Remove the insole from the shoe and let the insole air dry. Do the same process with the laces. 
  1. If you have a fan that can reach the floor — pop a towel on the floor, and place your shoes there. If it’s a higher fan, put the shoes on a table or a chair so the fan can blow on the shoes. 
  1. Turn the fan on, and leave it for a couple of hours. Check back in after a few hours to see how the process is going. 

This method is great if you have a fan at home, and if you need your shoes dried quickly. 

How To Dry Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Use Hair Dryer To Dry My Shoes?

No, you cannot use a hairdryer to dry your shoes. While it might seem like a good idea, a hairdryer should not come into contact with shoes for more than a couple of minutes.

Any longer and the heat can break down the glue and compromise the materials. It’s also hazardous if you leave the hairdryer and shoe unattended. 

Can I Take Shoes To The Dry Cleaners? 

This is a question we cannot answer because every dry cleaner has different rules and regulations. Some dry cleaners will dry your shoes, others will not.

If you have an issue with the shoe, e.g., it’s made of suede, they may take in your shoe and apply special products to try to save it. You will have to check your local dry cleaners for the exact details. 


That brings us to the end of our article on how to dry shoes. We hope you have found it informative, and you have learned a couple of great methods.

While it might seem like a good idea to use a tumble dryer or a hairdryer — these should be avoided. Use more natural methods for a safe and effective result.

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