Catergator Cooler Review

The unsung heroes of all social events, camping trips, and parties are the amazing and tireless hosts, who go above and beyond to provide amazing and fresh food for massive amounts of people.

Catering devices, such as food trays and beverage dispensers, make it easy to fuel large groups of people without your food ever losing its freshness.

Having the perfect catering devices is crucial to any successful catering operation, and most hosts look for only the absolute best they can find.

One of the biggest up-and-coming names in the world of catering products is CaterGator. This company has set out to create an all-in-one brand for all of your catering needs. CaterGator has a massive selection of products to choose from, so let’s take a look at what they can do!

What Products Does CaterGator Have?

Before we dive into the quality of CaterGator’s products, we need to take a quick look at just what kinds of products they offer. CaterGator has a seriously impressive range of products that numbers well over 150.

This makes them a great place to choose the perfect product for you, but the difficulty now is sorting through those products to find the best!

CaterGator specializes in a number of products with specific uses. These include such things as food pan carriers, outdoor coolers, insulated beverage dispensers, and small storage basins. As well as those products, they also offer sizable ice bins and even more varying products.

Let’s go through each of these product categories to find out what each of them can offer, and how they can help you to keep your food cool.

Insulated Food Pan Carriers

CaterGator is determined to help make catering in any location easy and hassle free. Whether you’re hosting a hiking trip, a camping trip, or even just a backyard party, they have just the right products for you.

Most catered food is prepared in advance of the chosen social function. This includes both the preparation of full meals or dishes. These are then placed in set trays to easily be dished out to the excited guests without confusion. The hard part is keeping all of this food at the optimal temperature before it is served.

CaterGator’s series of Insulated Food Pan Carriers allow for precise temperature control on the move, to ensure that all dishes are at their best all day, up until they are eaten!


CaterGator Black Front Loading Insulated Food Pan Carrier (2)

The most basic of these food pan carriers is the top-loading option. At a very generous price, this makes for a great starter product or makes for a great additional storage option if you find that your other food pan carriers won’t be enough for the job.

These storage cases operate by stacking the trays atop one another, with two stacks of four trays inside at maximum capacity. This carrier is insulated throughout, to keep any cold food or drinks at their desired temperatures for upwards of seven hours.

The box is kept tightly shut by advanced locks and a lid that fully encloses all of the contents within. These boxes can also be purchased in smaller sizes, such as one with the capacity for four pans.


  • Allows for massive storage.
  • Can be Stacked.
  • Insulated throughout to retain heat for seven or more hours.


  • All dishes must be removed to remove just one.
  • Does not have an associated dolly system, one must be bought from a third party.


CaterGator Black Front Loading Insulated Food Pan Carrier

Perhaps CaterGator’s best version of their insulated food pan carriers is the front-loading variant. This version of the device allows the user to insert food pans via an access door on the front.

Unlike the top-loading version, this allows you to unload any pan of your choice without having to unload all of them and risk spoiling the food. This is a great option for those who have a heavy catering order who need precise control over which pans are sent out.

The top-loading containers can be bought individually, in a range of optional colors, so that you can even color-code them, in order to keep a clear track of what is in each container, without having to open it.

As well as the individual front-loading containers, there are also combo packs that come with an additional dolly with a strap. The dolly is a small wheeled tray that allows you to fix the container atop of it, and then roll it to wherever you need it.

This makes for much easier transportation of food that will have your operation running far more smoothly. To make the deal even sweeter, the front-loading and top-loading containers can be stacked atop themselves.

If you have two front-loading containers, then you can stack them, and then place them on top of the dolly, to maximize efficiency even further. You can purchase dual container sets of the front-loading containers so that you can start catering like a pro right now!


  • Easy access to all dishes without having to unload everything.
  • Customizable and stackable, for easy portability.
  • Can be purchased bundled with a dolly.


  • The dolly must be purchased as an additional extra.
  •  Only five tray shelves makes it slightly smaller in capacity than the top-loader


CaterGator RCCG20CAM Camouflage

Outdoor coolers seem to be CaterGator’s bread and butter. These products represent nearly half of the various products that the company offers. The outdoor coolers come in a massive array of sizes, from 20 quarts options, to up to 210 quarts!

As well as size, they also vary massively in terms of design and color choice.

The cheapest option is the 20 quarts bucket which comes with a sturdy metal handle with a comfortable foam grip. This small wonder can carry numerous canned drinks, such as beer, and are perfect for arranging some long and relaxing fishing trips!

These buckets come in three extra colors to choose from. The bucket is also made of thick material, so that it is not cold and uncomfortable to touch and carry.

Between the smallest bucket option, and the largest 210 quarts option, there is a wide variety of coolers to browse through. Almost all of these containers come with built in wheels, to make dragging it around behind you effortless.

It makes even the heaviest of loads feel remarkably light. These are the best options for professional caterers who need to port around massive loads of drinks in cold environments.

As well as the wheeled containers, there are also containers that can be lifted by simple handles on the side.

Every container, as standard, comes with self-stopping hinges that act to stop the lid comfortably when opened. This prevents those annoying situations where you have to pick out a range of drinks, but the lid keeps snapping shut on your head!

This is also great for busy caterers who might have to rush about quickly, as they will not have to keep prying the container open. These are great containers to take with you on group camping trips, or to outdoor camping parties, to ensure that everyone has the perfect drink as and when they need it!

And that isn’t all! The lid of the container also acts as a functional table, with indented cup holders built into both ends of the lid. This is great if you are hosting an outdoor party and need to go hands free for a little bit!


  • The incredible range of sizes makes it easy to cater for a small family camping trip, or a large get together.
  • Sturdy build with thick outer walls makes it easy and comfortable to carry without leaking or ending up with cold hands.
  • Self-stopping hinges make it easy to cater to large groups of thirsty guests!


  • Larger sizes may be difficult to carry around on hiking or camping trips.
  • Smaller sizes may be too small for larger gatherings. It is crucial to make the exact right choice on size and weight.


CaterGator 10 Gallon Black Insulated Beverage Dispenser

Keeping your troupe hydrated or fueled is important for a smooth and enjoyable trip. You don’t want the group to become cranky or risk dehydration!

If you’re leading a massive group on a camping or hiking trip, or you are hosting an outdoor event, you need to get yourself one of these insulated beverage dispensers. These can keep any drink at the perfect temperature for hours.

So if someone in your group can’t wake up without that perfect morning cup of brew, then their problems are now solved!

These containers can also hold on to a range of cold drinks too, to keep everyone happy, whether they want a warming cup of coffee, or a refreshing soft drink.

The containers can be easily stacked, so moving them about from home to the event is also incredibly easy, and allows you to carry more drinks than you would ever have thought.

If you need a particularly large amount of any drink, then the containers also come in three distinct sizes, with the largest being the incredible 10 gallon variant, to increase your liquid mileage for hours to allow you to host your event well into the late hours without ever running out of fuel!


  • Range of sizes makes it easy to cater to an event of any size.
  • Sturdy handles make it easy for one or two people to port the device around.
  • Stackable for easy storage during or after use.


  • Difficulty may be had with carrying the larger versions around.
  • Unlike the food tray carriers, the beverage dispensers do not come with an optional dolly, which may make transportation difficult.


CaterGator Dash Black Flip Down Top Loading

Made last second plans to host an outdoor gathering or party? These food pan dash carriers are perfect for those in a rush!

Simply load them with food trays of your choice, pack them into the back of your car, and you’re sorted! The dash takes the form of a handheld carrying case that can fit, on average, around 5 trays at maximum.

This is best for those who are hosting smaller get-togethers. However, if you were hosting more people, and wanted the flexibility to pack more food options, then you can easily stack the boxes and place them atop the optional dolly system, which is sold separately, or in a bundle.

These are definitely one of the best options for you if you are hurriedly looking through our article looking for catering solutions for your next outdoor event, as they are cheap, sturdy, and offer everything a beginner host could ever need.


  • Simple design and easy use makes them great in a pinch.
  • The perfect beginner solution for first-time hosts.
  • Can easily be stacked to increase storage space.


  • Significantly smaller than the top-loader tray carrier.
  • Extra peripherals, such as the dolly are not included with the containers.

To Wrap Up

CaterGator has some seriously amazing products on offer here. It’s no surprise that camping and hiking enthusiasts, as well as professional caterers, have sung the praises of the company for years at this point.

Their products are perfect both for those who are new to hosting, and for those who may already have a lot of experience. They can also easily be customized to your needs, with varying sizes, colors, and additional peripherals to make carrying food a cinch.

Best of all, CaterGators products are also incredibly efficient at keeping your food and drink cool even in the hottest of outdoor temperatures.

If you want to host an event to remember, pick yourself up some CaterGator coolers now and get hosting!

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