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How to Clean a CamelBak

CamelBaks and other hydration bladders/water bladders are extremely useful and are very popular with cyclists, hikers, and other sports enthusiasts who want a mobile, accessible and convenient source of water that is readily available even when doing arduous tasks. Being able to bring your water almost anywhere, while also spreading the weight across the strongest …

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How To Dry Shoes

There’s nothing worse than having wet shoes.  There are so many scenarios that can lead to wet shoes. Most commonly, people get caught in a rainstorm, and it soaks their shoes. In other cases, you end up jumping in the sea with your shoes, and then you’re lost on how to recover them. Then, of …

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How To Clean A Tent

Camping is one of the best summer activities. Nothing beats finding the ideal site, setting your tent among some of the spectacular views, and dozing off to sleep to the calming natural sounds. One of life’s most simple joys is the very first inhale of morning air once emerging from your tent. Tents are now …

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