Are Hydroflasks Dishwasher Safe?

If you’re here in a pinch, desperate to know whether it’s safe to put your new Hydro Flask in the dishwasher, then the short answer is yes!

As advertised on the Hydro Flask website, all of their powder-coated water bottles are safe to put in the dishwasher.

Are Hydroflasks Dishwasher Safe

That said, it’s not the only way to keep your bottle clean and in this article, we can run through all the different methods to clean a Hydro Flask, as well as the equipment you might want to pick up in order to keep your premium bottle looking and tasting great for a long time. 

What Makes a Hydro Flask Special? 

If you’ve got one, then you probably already know.

Developed by an Oregonian couple in 2009 who were dissatisfied with drinking tepid tap water throughout the day, the Hydro Flask takes the double-walled and vacuum-sealed insulation technology that Thermos have been using for decades and put it in a super bright and trendy looking water bottle.

This means that you can have piping hot coffee, or ice-cold water for hours after you’ve left the house. 

Not only is the TempSheild incredibly effective at maintaining the temperature inside the bottle, but the standard lid has a special honeycomb structure which also supports the insulation.

The best part is that this lid is 100% leak-proof – super helpful as you can just throw it in a bag without worrying about your laptop or books or whatever else you have in there.

Of course, Hydro Flask is not the only company to be making strides in reusable receptacle technology.

Other brands like Yeti and Chilli have also exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, but Hydro Flask has started to see an increase in demand thanks to its prevalence among influencers on TikTok.

Something about the style, and the ability to make them personal has really spoken to the younger generation.

The bottles come in a large variety of different highly pigmented colors, with limited edition collections being rolled out all the time. You can also cover them with stickers without damaging the paint. 

How do You Care for Them? 

As mentioned above, all the water bottles are completely dishwasher safe, but that doesn’t mean that this is the only way that you should clean them.

If you prefer to handwash, or you simply don’t have access to a dishwasher, then have no fear, you can maintain your Hydro Flask just as well. 

Hand Washing

The best way – and the method recommended on the Hydro Flask website – is to use warm soapy water and a couple of cleaning devices that they sell.

In order to ensure that you get the ridge at the top all the way down to the bottom of the bottle, you’ll want to make sure that you buy a bottle brush (these look A LOT like toilet brushes, but I have been assured that they’re different things).

You can get a branded one from the Hydro Flask website, which will absolutely be compatible with your bottle, and you get some quality assurance that it’s going to be effective.

That said, I’m sure that a non-branded one will probably work just as well. There’s also a straw and lid cleaning set to get into the tiny nooks and crannies of the honeycomb structure. 

Cleaning Tablets

Alternatively to scrubbing (or as an addition to scrubbing), you can pick up some water bottle cleaning tablets and let science do the work for you.

Again, Hydro Flask sells its own version, but you can find any number of other companies selling these that work just as well. Simply fill your bottle with warm water, drop the tablet in, leave it for about half an hour then rinse it out.

This should remove any stubborn coffee or tea stains without damaging the stainless steel finish – and you barely have to lift a finger. You can clean the lid and straw with these tablets too. Again, just fill a bowl with warm water and let the lid/sit, then rinse after half an hour.

You might still want to purchase a straw cleaner though, as having one guarantees that you’ll have removed any nasty bits of damp or mold that might be sitting in there. 


It’s important to note that stainless steel is only rust-resistant, not rust-proof, so there’s always a chance that your Hydro Flask will get rusty. If this happens you should be able to lift the rust with a bit of baking soda and vinegar.

Let that sit for 10 minutes then gently scrub it with your bottle brush (or anything else that’s soft). However, if this doesn’t work, then the Hydro Flask website recommends that you fill in a warranty claim for your bottle. 

Which Hydro Flask Is Right for You? 

With a large variety of sized bottles, different mouth-size options, and multiple different lids to choose from, somewhere out there will be the perfect Hydro Flask for you.

So long as you make sure to maintain a healthy cleaning routine, these bottles are made to last. Whether you pop them in the dishwasher once a week, or handwash them carefully every night, So long as you’re thorough, these bottles will last you a long time.

And if they don’t, then the company is happy to send out replacement parts for free, so long as it’s within the scope of normal and approriate use. 

Whatever your adventure, maybe up a mountain on a hike, or simply just to school every day, your trusty Hydro Flask should be able to take you wherever it is that you want to go.

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