35 Below Socks Reviews

Traditionally, socks were used for protection and to prevent friction build up when wearing shoes. This was later adapted to feature fabrics that helped keep the feet warm and comfortable.

In addition to this, socks were developed to keep shin guards in place during certain sports, and even provide additional protection. Thanks to modern technology, material has been created that is not only breathable, but helps provide insulation to the feet that keeps them warm.

35 below is a brand widely sold in convenience and clothing stores across the country, but are they any good? This is a complete review about the socks based on previous customer reviews and product descriptions.

35 below are advertised as being sock liners. This means that they are significantly thinner than regular socks. While this has been done to allow as much breathability as possible and to prevent moisture from getting trapped, there is a question raised about how durable and long-lasting the socks are.

That is why this review outlines some of the pros and cons of shopping with 35 below and what makes them stand out from the crowd.


35 Below Socks

Value for Money

Firstly, 35 below have been widely praised for being good value for money. One of the reasons why they are such a popular brand is because of how affordable they are. Most websites feature offers such as two for one or even three pairs for the price of two.

This is definitely a good deal because one pair of these socks will last a long time, and they make great gifts to all. While most affordable socks cannot stand to test of time and consistent wear, this brand provides many with long-lasting comfort for a low price.

They can also be bought in bulk for those who are wanting to completely restock their sock drawer with something of a high quality.


In spite of being thinner than regular socks, 35 below socks are made of aluminized threads woven into fabric which helps retain warmth and keep your feet dry without overheating.

This is a particularly unique feature because most brands of socks will either trap moisture causing a clammy feeling in the feet, or not keep the feet warm enough. 35 below is unique because it offers a combination of warmth and breathability.

Many customers have used the thermal variant of 35 below socks for colder temperatures, and have already praised the brand for its innovative design and unique fabric combination.

Thanks to aerospace fabric technology, 35 below socks help to keep your feet warm by storing some of the body’s natural warmth. While this is beneficial for very cold weather conditions, there is the drawback of relying on the body’s temperature.

This is that if something should happen that causes the wearer to suffer a rapid loss in body temperature for whatever reason, then the socks will stop working. They use what heat is already there, which is why they can be less effective if you have a low body temperature.

That said, they can contribute to additional comfort that comes from knowing that you don’t need to spend time defrosting your feet. While most people will come in from a frosty walk and huddle by the fire, you will not feel as compelled to do so because your feet never lost a huge amount of heat.


Customers have credited this brand for providing very comfortable, breathable socks. They provide great support during long hikes and can act as a base layer for more thermal socks or worn alone. One of the few complaints about this range is that they could add a little more elastic to prevent the socks from falling down calves when walking.

It is recommended that you wear 35 below socks underneath regular socks in order to achieve maximum comfort levels and the complete range of properties. This is also recommended to people whose boots or shoes are a little too loose, because you may want to avoid friction causing discomfort when you are on the go.

For people who don’t like the seam of their socks being at the toes, 35 below socks could be a great alternative. This is because the seam lies further away from the toes, which adds to the overall comfort of the socks and appeals to more people.

The feeling of seams rubbing against the toes is a common complaint for socks, and a lot of people will go as far as to turn their socks inside out before putting them on to avoid this. This product offers a great solution because of the unique seam design.


These products are a great all-round item for families, because 35 below socks are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. There are also two color options that are widely available, but different patterns can also be found.

However, some of the thermal or winter socks are more limited, and do not offer a children’s size. Most sets only come with one color option, black or white.

This means that if you are someone who likes to color code their socks, or use color as a way to determine if they are yours or your partner’s then you may need to spend more money in order to do this.

Because of the slightly limited range that is available, some have reported that their 35 below socks do not fit properly. They have said that they cannot get their feet into the socks and that they either squeeze their feet too much, or that the foot section is far too big for them.

For this reason, it is suggested that you purchase a single pair of the socks and see how they fit before investing in a bigger set.


These socks can withstand being thrown into the washing machine and even the dryer on a regular basis. This is a big plus because nobody has the time to separate their socks and ensure that they get hand washed.

However, because of the lightweight nature of the product, the thinner material has a higher risk of tearing. While the general consensus is positive, and argues that 35 below provide high quality material, it could be worth treating them with a little more care than the average sock.

Others have reported concerns about the aluminized fibers fraying over time and with regular washing. However, there have been very little reports of these things happening, and they are generally an impressive standard of socks.

While there are slightly mixed reviews, 35 below socks have generally been credited for working well and helping to retain heat for those who need it.

Even if it is a placebo effect of them doing what they claim to, the brand has some role to play in the innovative design and creation of lightweight socks that allow warmth and breathability at the same time.

35 Below Socks Reviews

Overall Pros And Cons of 35 Below Socks


  • Lightweight socks that can be worn alone or under other pairs of socks to prevent moisture and retain heat
  • Affordable packs are widely available in Walmart or even on Amazon
  • Aluminized fabric is durable and scientifically acclaimed
  • Able to withstand regular machine washing and drying
  • Don’t lock in moisture like some competitor brands do


  • Less range available than some other socks, such as size options and colors
  • Possible increased risk of tearing due to the thinner material
  • Only work at retaining heat when the body is warm, so they are ineffective if you generally struggle to get warm or to regulate your body temperature


Socks have come a long way since their early versions, and there is currently an impressive market for them to serve different purposes while providing the necessary support to wearers. Everyone varies in their natural body temperature, which is why 35 below socks might not work as well for everybody.

The aluminized fabric works by retaining heat without locking in moisture. This means that the socks will hold some level of warmth on particularly chilly days.

Because of the lightweight material, there have been some concerns about the socks’ increased risk of tearing or fraying. However, there have been no reports of such events yet.

More work is needed by 35 below creators to provide a more inclusive size range that fits different kinds of feet, as some people have complained about the socks being ill-fitting and therefore less effective.

Additionally, some people would prefer if there was a larger selection of colors and even patterns to choose from, as this is something that will appeal to children and even encourage more people to wear the socks alone without an additional layer.

While there are some areas for improvement, 35 below remains an influential brand that have developed innovative fabrics to create a unique form of socks that are highly effective when worn correctly.

While some have complained about the socks being ineffective and them only working at retaining heat as part of a placebo effect, there is a great deal of use from this brand, and they are definitely worth a try for yourself.

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